This post is brought to you by Sleep Number®.

Question: Are you a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper? Do you prefer lots of blankets or just a sheet? Flannel pjs, or next to nothing? Do you raise the thermostat before you head to bed? Or do you turn off the heat altogether?

As for me, I tend to exist on the chilly side just as a baseline, especially my hands and feet and ears. Honestly, I feel like I’m always freezing when I get in to bed. I really depend on Ben Blair’s body heat to warm up the sheets, and I keep the covers — currently a sheet plus two quilts — tucked tightly around my shoulders, to trap the heat and get me into the normal temperature range.

But I know everyone is different. Some of my kids love a colder bed. No top sheet. Lightweight duvet. And they still end up pushing it off and just sleeping in their pjs with no covering. I can’t even imagine that! Even if it’s just a short nap on the couch, I want a blanket! : )

According to Sleep Number: Research shows that the ideal bedroom temperature for sleep is actually 65 – 68 degrees.
At this temperature you’ll be comfortable under the covers. That’s because your body won’t have to do anything to create heat (shiver) or shed heat (sweat).

Sleep Number is all about sleep research. They are the leader in sleep innovation and ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Mattresses” in 2015 by J.D. Power. And they help you research your own sleep too, because all Sleep Number beds are available with SleepIQ® technology. What is SleepIQ? Essentially, sensors in the mattress give you info on your average breathing rate, average heart rate, and movement while you’re in bed. It’s super easy to use. Nothing to wear, nothing to turn on. All you have to do is sleep.

Want to try it out? Head into a Sleep Number store. I can tell you, it’s a very hands on experience. The store experts will help you find your ideal sleep number (it will be higher or lower depending on how much support you prefer), and really help you find the right mattress for your sleep needs.

Two things I loved best about my in-store visit: 1) The patience of the staff. There was no pressure, no hurry. I could try out as many beds as I like, and really take my time. 2) The knowledge of the staff. I had lots of questions — about options, about recommendations, about cleaning methods — and they had answers. If you’re curious, don’t hesitate about stopping in. You can find your nearest store here.

Tell me, Friends. Hot? Cold? What temperature are you sleep wise? If you share a bed with someone, do you have the same temperature preferences? Or is one of you a blanket hogger? (This reminds me, if sleeping temperature is an issue for you or your partner, you may want to check out Sleep Number’s DualTemp™ layer. It heats/cools each side of the bed and allows you to select your ideal temperature with the touch of a button!)

Also has your temperature preference changed over time? I’d love to hear!