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What’s in your cart these days? And how often do you try something new at the grocery store? I was thinking about that as I wandered through Target on Saturday morning.

I would say that in our family, Ben Blair is much more likely than I am to pick up a product at the grocery store that we’ve never tried before. He’ll see something, get curious about it, and add it to the cart. But not me. If I add something new to the cart, there’s a really good chance I’ve tried it already at a friend’s house, or had it specifically recommended by someone I know.  

I’m not sure what my new-grocery-hesitation is about. I think it has something to do with concern that I might not like the new thing, so I won’t want to finish it, but I also don’t want to waste food. Hah!

Related, there are certain groceries I buy at certain locations. For example, I almost always pick up our favorite Stonyfield products at Target. They seem to stock the widest range of options. Like it’s the only place I’ve seen the 12-pack of Smoothies — which is currently my kids preferred yogurt product. And when Stonyfield comes out with something new, I know we’ll find it there. 

Speaking of new, Stonyfield just announced two new Snack Pack flavors — there’s Vanilla Yogurt with Chocolate Cookies, and Strawberry Yogurt with Chocolate Chip Cookies. I wonder which one my kids will like best? I’m a fruity-yogurt kind of person, so dibs on the Strawberry Snack Packs for me.

For those of you who are curious. Here’s what was in my cart on Saturday:

When we were in Australia, our host at the conference, introduced us to a drink called Lime & Bitters. It’s just soda water, lime juice, and a dash of bitters. Apparently, it’s a drink Australians can even buy bottled. We liked it so much we’ve been making it a ton since we got home. So I like to keep stocked up on limes. (And yes, I know I still need to share my trip report about Australia!)

Perrier is for the Lime & Bitters too. I like the skinny cans. And I prefer the smaller serving size unless we’re having a party, in which case I favor the bottles. (The bottles go flat fast once they’re open.)

I check for breakfast bread whenever I’m at Target. They sometimes have three different options — cinnamon raisin, blueberry, and apple fritter. We favor the apple fritter. Put two slices in the toaster and whole house smells like heaven! Lots of times, breakfast bread is out of stock, but we always check just in case and it feels like a bonus when we find it. : )

I picked up a handful of Stonyfield Snack Packs with some school field trips in mind. They’re so portable and easy — no spoon required, and they feel special and fun in a lunchbox. There are five different Snack Pack options available — including the two new ones I mentioned above. 

I’ve been craving spinach a whole lot this month. Maybe I’m low on iron? I love it in salads, and I love creamed spinach too. It’s one of my favorite side dishes for dinner.

Holy cow, have you tried blueberries from Mexico lately? I’m not sure if it’s blueberry season there at the moment, or if these are grown in a greenhouse, but the last several packs we’ve bought have been so good!

Blueberries are a risky purchase if you ask me. Sometimes you get home and open the package, and like ten are firm and ripe and yummy, and the rest are squishy and sad. (We freeze the sad ones for smoothies.) But this month we’ve had great luck, with full packs of perfectly ripe, firm blueberries. It feels like such a stroke of good luck when that happens!

As I mentioned, we keep our eye out for 12-packs of the Stonyfield Smoothies when we’re at Target. My kids love them, but I love them too. They’ve cut the sugar and they’re more tart and less sweet. Plus the serving size is small. Perfection.

It always feels a little weird buying lemons in Oakland, because we drive by maybe 50 lemon trees between Target and our house. But alas, our yard is too shady for citrus, so we still need to buy them. : )

Here’s an example of a product that I would feel is risky, but Ben Blair would be open to. He’s been avoiding pasta this month, so veggie noodles seemed like something that might be a great addition to our grocery list. Have you ever tried them? Or do you have the tool to make your own?

Okay. Now it’s your turn. What’s in your cart these days? What are you craving? And how often do you pick up something new at the grocery store? I’d love to hear.