This post is sponsored by James Hardie. Their commitment to artistry and innovation allows for beautiful, timeless designs and uncompromising performance to elevate everyday life.


The amazing people at James Hardie, makers of high quality fiber cement siding, reached out about working together. So I looked into their product lines, ordered some samples, was impressed with what I saw, and said, “Yes, please.” Today, I want to tell you all about them, and I want to talk about dreamy exterior house colors, too. Because I think it’s time to switch things up color-wise over here at The Treehouse.

What you need to know about James Hardie comes down to 3 things:

1) They’ve got options. In profiles, textures, widths, colors, and product lines.
They offer a wide range of colors, which you can combine into hundreds of gorgeous combinations. If you want to try out combinations, there’s even an interactive Home Color Tool on their website.

They offer 3 surfaces — textured, smooth or beaded. And they’re all designed to perform beautifully.

They also offer products for almost any look you’d want! HardiePlank® — which gives you that traditional lap look. HardieShingle® siding — which has the handcrafted look of cedar, but with super low maintenance. HardiePanel® vertical siding — it opens up tons of new design possibilities. HardieTrim® batten boards — which you can use create rustic-style board-and-batten details. Then there’s HardieSoffit® panels — which were designed for finishing touches.

2) James Hardie is dedicated to quality and performance on both color and finishes.
We’re talking multiple coats of color baked on to the siding for a long-lasting, consistent
finish. It creates a strong bond that helps resist chipping, peeling, cracking and fading. They call it their James Hardie® ColorPlus® Technology, and it means that the color will stay true longer than field-applied paint.

Their siding products are specifically designed to withstand the climate where the products are used. They resist shrinking, swelling and cracking even after years of wet or freezing conditions. And they resist damage from hot, humid conditions, and blistering sun too. They’re tougher than the elements, won’t be eaten by animals or insects, and they’re more fire resistant than wood or vinyl.

3) You know you can trust them.
Why? Because unlike other brands, they don’t prorate their siding coverage. James Hardie stands behind its siding 100% for 30 years and behind its trim 100% for 15 years. That’s quite a warranty! And it means peace of mind for customers.

Other trustworthy accolades: HardiePlank® lap siding is backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. James Hardie has been name by builders annually as a Brand Leader in Builder Magazine since 2009. James Hardie was named Reader’s Choice “Most Sustainable Product” in Green Builder Magazine every year since 2012. Their products have been featured on the DIY Network’s Blog Cabin since 2012, and Southern Living’s Idea House year after year. No wonder they are the #1 brand of siding in North America.

Want to know more? Download the James Hardie® Inspiration Guide, and request FREE samples.

Now, let’s talk exterior colors. I’ve been daydreaming about changing up the exterior of The Treehouse basically since we moved in. For the longest time, I was picturing a medium cool grey, with charcoal trim details, and a bright yellow door. I still like that idea — or at least how it looks in my head. 

But in the last few months, I started picturing something darker. Like using dark warm charcoal as both the main color and the trim, with metallic silver fencing details — and maybe even a silver-colored door. I’m picturing a dark, sleek house sort of hidden in the woods.

And then. I saw the photo at the top of this post. A green-colored house in the forest. And I fell in love immediately. I hadn’t even considered green! Our property is surrounded by trees and shrubs and ground cover and I’ve just assumed I would want something that contrasted with all the green. But that green-house-in-the-forest photo is dreamy as can be and now I’ve added a green palette with charcoal trim to my daydream exterior color wishlist.

How about you? Do you like the exterior color of your house as it is right now? If you could change it, what color(s) would you pick? Is there another particular house you drive by, or walk by, that has a distinctive color you always notice? Do you tend to be drawn to brighter house colors — like blues and yellows? Or do you favor neutrals — like browns and greys?


Credits: Photos courtesy of James Hardie.