Note from Design Mom: Kacy attended an event on behalf of Design Mom (thank you, Kacy!), and wrote up this post to tell us all about it. Kacy is one of the funniest writers I know. You can find more of Kacy on her blog, Every Day I Write the Book — including more details about this fun event.


Part of what makes Gabby so awesome is how generous she is with her awesomeness. Honda wanted to fly her out to see the new 2011 Honda Odyssey Minivans. As you know, she’s got her hands full with baby June so she asked me to go instead. What a treat! But I felt a little sad for Honda. I didn’t want them to be disappointed that Gabby couldn’t come so I tried my best to do what Design Mom would do in every situation. Quick as a wink, I wrapped a scarf around my neck to camouflage my uneven bosom. And I was off!

My trip to San Diego was wonderful and easy—apparently, flying without kids is like that. The man sitting next to me on the plane had really dry elbows that were cracked and bloody. He kept touching me with them. I kept shuddering. It wasn’t very Gabby of me. I decided to try harder to be more Gabby.

When I landed, there was a driver waiting for me with my name on a sign. This has never happened to me before! But I played it cool. Tres Gabby. The first night we got to see the new vans and meet the designers. I was particularly interested to meet the principal designer of the new model because they had sent me a post card with his name and picture on it. His name is Catalin Matei—a Romanian! I love talking about vampires with people from Romania so I was excited.

The new Odyssey is really beautiful and thoughtfully designed. It’s wider, has 5 LATCH hooks for positioning car seats, has tons of cup holders, gets amazing gas mileage, and even has a “cool box” up front that holds water bottles or a six pack—depending on your style. I loved the van and was entirely persuaded by the engineers who passionately showed off the features they’ve been working on for the last three years. All of them owned older Honda Odysseys and all of them had kids. They were so proud of the van! It made me want to buy one. One of the engineers got choked up describing the safety features to me because he receives letters from families who have safely walked away from crashes in their Hondas. I’m kind of in love with Honda now.

We got to drive the vans all around town and on a driving course at Qualcomm stadium. All my meals were provided. I tried to eat only the most aesthetically pleasing dishes. In between events I went back to my room, got under the covers, and flipped through TV channels. It didn’t feel very Design-Mommish. But the bed was so comfy and crisp. I committed to making my own bed at home exactly as inviting as my hotel bed. And that’s when design intersected with motherhood and I knew I had a little Gabby in me after all.

I’m not just saying this: Honda Odysseys are NICE. If you are in the market for a minivan, this one seems like it’s the best.