We have been slow to do the Fall shopping this year. But on Friday we received a box in the mail, full of items for Ralph and Maude, and they couldn’t wait to try everything on. I took the opportunity to shoot some photos — a million photos.

Sources: Maude’s linen trousers and front-tie hoodie from Juvie. Tee from Old Navy. Flip flops by Born — handed down from Kathryn C. Ralph’s Paul Frank Tee and Retro Twill Jacket (with a great plaid lining and more warmth then I expected) also from Juvie. Shorts, handed down from Jenn D.

Shoes by Nike — they are old now, and getting pretty worn down, but I haven’t had time to go shoe shopping. So we switched out the old laces for some bright red ones and Ralph felt satisfied enough with the change that I’ve been able to buy myself a few more weeks of stalling tactics.