Golden Tote Fall 201401

This post is brought to you by Golden Tote.

There are lots of times in my life where I enjoy shopping for clothes — looking for deals, trying on outfits, figuring out accessories, even returning the clothes if buyer’s remorse set in. But 2014 has not been a good shopping year for me. There’s no getting around it, shopping takes time. And I just haven’t had enough time to make it happen. But I had this trip to New York ahead of me, and I knew the weather in NY would be colder than Oakland, and I knew I needed a few fresh pieces. So I was trying to figure out what to do. Then I remembered Golden Tote.

My sister Jordan has written about them a few times over the last couple of years and I thought this was the perfect time to try it out. If Golden Tote is new to you, essentially, it’s an awesome way to get stylish clothing at amazing deals. Here’s how it works. First, you go to the Golden Tote website and choose one of two options — $49 for 2-3 clothing items, or $149 for 5-7 clothing items. The retail value is up to $200 and $600 respectively! Next you choose one or two items to go into your tote, and the team at Golden Tote will surprise you with the rest.

Golden Tote Fall 201407

But it’s not just random picks. The Golden Tote founders are clothing designers from L.A. They design some of the clothing you’ll see on the site, and they also work with fashion brands to get deep discounts that they pass along to us. Also, as you check out, you’ll be guided through a little style profile, and the Golden Tote designers will choose items for you based on your profile. It’s like the whole bag is like this fantastic surprise created just for you!

Golden Tote Fall 201413

I received my tote last Thursday (it’s an actual tote bag, by the way), and it was such a treat to open — I was super curious to see what they had sent. I tried on the pieces and started putting them together with items already in my closet. At first, I was a little wary — there was one top in particular that I didn’t think I would like and wouldn’t have picked for myself. But by the end of my closet session, it was my favorite thing that they sent! Can you guess which piece it is? The blouse in the very top photo!

Seeing my change of heart about that shirt really convinced me of the value of the whole Golden Tote concept — sometimes it’s really nice to have someone make fashion decisions on your behalf. It gets you to try new things and maybe look at yourself in a new way.

Golden Tote + Design Mom05

And I was even more convinced when I realized I had 4 outfits ready to go for the trip, and I hadn’t had to run a single errand! Golden Tote is so smart for women who don’t have time to shop, and aren’t sure what to buy even if they did have time.

If you’d like to check it out, new sales launch on the first Monday of every month. I suggest you shop the site as soon as the sale launches — because some of the pieces sell out quick!

Golden Tote + Design Mom04

Outfit One:
Patterned Blouse from Golden Tote. Pants from Banana Republic. Gold loafers from Sseko. This outfit is so comfortable it’s like pajamas, but I think it looks very elegant. And the top is polyester, which makes it great for traveling.

Golden Tote Fall 201402Golden Tote + Design Mom02

I only had room to pack one pair of heels, and I wasn’t sure what nights I might be going out, so I tried on each outfit with the heels to make sure it could work. The heels are an older pair from the Jessica Simpson line that I’ve had for years. They’re a shade of burnished red, with a suede finish, that always feels perfect for the fall. They looked great with this outfit!

Golden Tote Fall 201405Golden Tote + Design Mom09

Outfit Two:
Elbow Patch Sweater from Golden Tote. Jean from Uniqlo. Scarf from FashionABLE. Boots from Chloe (they’re vintage!). This is another really comfortable outfit. I knew I would be walking quite a bit on this trip, so I wanted to have smart shoes for each day. I wore this on Monday from morning through dinner and felt stylish and comfortable the whole time.

Golden Tote Fall 201411

Again, I tried this on with the heels just in case. Heels make any outfit feel fancy. : )

Golden Tote Fall 201412Golden Tote + Design Mom10

Outfit Three:
Black & White Sweater/Jacket by Golden Tote. Turtleneck and Cropped Pants from H&M. Same heels as above. I tried these outfits on Saturday afternoon, and this one was the favorite of Maude. She already borrowed the sweater. : ) It’s a really nice layering weight and has a fun letterman jacket feel to it.

Golden Tote + Design Mom06

Outfit Four:
Split Personality shirt from Golden Tote. Pants by Les Chiffoniers (found at the same vintage shop where I picked out the Chloe boots!). Scarf by Printed Village. Shoes by Vans. I don’t know how well it shows off in the photos, but I really love this top! The front and sleeves are grey knit, while the the back is cut like a classic dress shirt. It’s super cool!

Golden Tote Fall 201403

I planned this outfit for today because I knew I would be traveling this afternoon and this outfit is very travel-friendly. The vans are perfect airport shoes.

Golden Tote + Design Mom07

And yes, I tried this on with the heels as well!

I really enjoyed my Golden Tote experience — I was glad to have new items for this trip, and I’ll be glad to have them for the holidays as well. What about you? Is the idea of Golden Tote appealing to you? The idea of buying clothes and then being surprised by what arrives? How do feel about having a designer that you don’t know personally pick out clothes for you? And do you feel like this would be a time saver for you like it was for me? I’d love to hear!