If you believe in Santa, stop reading now.

In my family we got wrapped presents from my mom under the tree. These were good, but the real show stoppers came from Santa Claus. He did not wrap. He made beautiful displays of toy sets put together, dolls dressed and posed and (as we got older—MUCH older, I’m not embarrassed to admit) outfits laid out exactly as we would wear them. Once the whole ceiling was strung with candy hanging from ribbons. It was the best and that is why I love Christmas. My husband’s Santa wrapped their Christmas-morning presents. Can you imagine!

This year I decided to give myself a month to shop for each of my children’s Christmas. At the end of the month I had to be done and I couldn’t add to it later. See, the problem with starting early is that you can just keep on going. October was Maggie’s month. She is six and this is what she’s getting for Christmas.

To open on Christmas Eve, I’m making pajamas. I haven’t done this for years because, frankly, I can’t sew and they never turn out. I got her some pig slippers to go with. Her main Santa Claus present is a baby wagon, which I heard about from nieniedialogues last year.

Inside of it will be some doll clothes for D.W. (her old Baby Born doll) and an outfit for Samantha (her hand-me-down American Girl doll.) Maggie doesn’t know it yet, but for her birthday in February she will get her own brand new American Girl. I also found a set of American Girl chapter books at Costco to give her.

But the featured reading present will be a set of Little House on the Prairie books. This CD will go with it:

In first grade you start getting into Cat’s Cradle. So I also got her this:

Her biggest (most expensive gift) is a set of silk scarves to play with.

Does that seem like a lot? Not enough? I never know until I see it. I hope it will be just right.