If I was a really good daughter and a really good daughter-in-law, this is what I would be giving my Mothers for Christmas. I’ve posted about Geneartogy before — basically, it’s an easy-to-use, online service that helps you build a beautiful family tree. A ready-to-be-framed presentation. And the site keeps track of your work so you can do the project over time as you collect information.

You can do four generations. Or if, it’s too intimidating to track down that many photos, they also offer a format with only 3 generations of photos. I’ve seen them displayed with complete photos and complete names. I’ve seen them displayed with partial photos and complete names. Either way, they look pretty fantastic.

Really, I should team up with my brothers and sisters and we could all split up the research and track down the info and get one of these put together in no time. And once it’s done, we could give it out to every sibling, every aunt and uncle and cousin and win the prize for best-relative-ever and never have to be in charge of the family reunion. : )

What about you, Dear Readers. Who would you make one of these for?

P.S. — If I don’t make my mothers a Family Tree display, I think I’ll get them a copy of Richard Rife’s book, Honoring Christmas in My Heart. My friend Laura sent me a copy (her good father wrote the book) and I didn’t know what to expect, but I really enjoyed it. Lots of great memories and stories from a man who loves this holiday. Plus a simple defense of Santa (what’s with the Santa-haters?) that I appreciated. Also. It’s hard to beat a $7 gift.