So here’s a little fact: I steered clear of button-up shirts for many, many years. In fact, until last month! I couldn’t get them to look very flattering on me. My waist and hips practically blend in to each other, so if I paired a button-up with low-waisted pants or jeans (which is pretty much all that was available for ages), it made for a very un-curvy silhouette on me.

Anyway. Last month, when I was shopping for Alt Summit, I realized that if I wore a mid-rise jean, plus a fitted button-up, that I looked (and felt) great! So I ended up buying both: a pair of mid-rise jeans + two button-ups. And I’ve been wearing the heck out of them ever since.

I know it’s a little thing, but it’s been this major wardrobe realization for me — button-ups went from my no-buy-list to my closet-favorite-list simply by changing the shape of the jeans I was wearing. Definitely makes me pay more attention to the fit of my clothes! Have you ever had a wardrobe breakthrough like that?

Above is one of the outfits I wore to the conference. And I felt super hot in it! Here are the sources in case you’re curious: 1- tiny Oro necklace from Leslie Lewis Designs, 2- $5 silk polka-dot scarf from an open market in Florence (I just made myself jealous when I typed that), 3- stretch broadcloth stripe shirt by Uniqlo, 4- classic demi-curve mid-rise denim by Levi’s, 5- nude platform pumps by Simply Vera Wang.

Tell me, Dear Readers: what is your favorite thing to pair with denim these days? A v-neck tee? A pristine sweater set? The perfectly worn-in hoodie you’ve had since college?