By Koseli.

Few things make me more awe-struck than outer space. Planets, stars, super novas…it’s amazing! As a child, my first grade class went to the city planetarium where I experienced the most thrilling event of my seven year old life: the star show. Music accompanied an overhead dance of varying constellations, and my friends and I looked up in complete wonder.

This video provokes that same sense of wonder. We are so small. The Earth is so beautiful! Can you believe how stunning the lightning off the Gulf of Mexico looks? And the Aurora Borealis above Nova Scotia at the end is absolutely breathtaking. There is no way in the entire universe that astronauts ever get bored with the view!

P.S. — Are you fascinated with space, too? My parents almost named me Haley, after Comet Hale-Bopp, so I think the space-infatuation is genetic!