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By Gabrielle. Photos by Stephanie Lee for Design Mom.

Let’s talk holiday colors for a minute. When you pull out your boxes and bins of decorations, what is the main color you see?

At our house, I would say brown is one of the key colors since we’ve moved to the treehouse — wooden ornaments, pinecones, kraft paper wrapping, burlap ribbon — that sort of stuff. But I’ve tried a few different things over the years. Gold was definitely the key color for the first years of our marriage, and I still have the gold-gilded, papier-maché fruit ornaments I made for our first Christmas together. I also have a long-standing thing for the traditional red and green — in fact, if you were at my house right now, you would see a lot of red and green mixed in with the brown.

Free Colorful Printable Bauble Gift Tags | Design Mom

In addition, there’s one big ornament bin that has less-traditional colors. Pink and turquoise and yellow and purple. It started with a string of lights. In the late 90s Nordstrom based their holiday decor on the book, Olive The Other Reindeer, and they had these awesome lights to match. Globe bulbs in really interesting color combinations. (Does anyone else remember these?) I bought a string and wrapped it around a wreath, and hung it in the kids’ room.

Then, my friend Denise Daniel gave me several boxes of vintage ornaments she found in the very old house she bought — an assortment of gorgeous metallic pastels. I still have every one. They are like treasure! More recently, our daughter Olive added strings of pink lights that she used in a Taylor Swift costume.

Free Colorful Printable Bauble Gift Tags | Design Mom

It may be too late for this year, but I keep thinking I want get one of those bright white artificial trees and fill it with all my pinks and yellows and vintage blues. It would be a totally different look than what I’ve got going on right now, but would look fun in our family room against the colors in this wall map.

And speaking of non-traditional colors, Stephanie Lee, a maker in Australia, sent over these awesome printable gift tags in sherbet shades. They would be perfect under a pink-lit tree! Plus, they make a really good last-minute addition to your packages. Just print, trim and go!

But before we get to printing out gift tags, I’m curious. Do you have a particular color scheme you prefer for the holidays? Do you lean more traditional or more non-traditional? And have you ever switched it up?

Colorful Bauble Gift Tags - Print them yourself! | Design Mom

Here’s what Stephanie says:

Some of my fondest memories of the holidays consist of my family decorating our house at the start of December. Christmas is my mum’s favourite time of year and ever since I can remember, she took great pains to ensure it was special for us too. Decorating in particular became a household tradition that we all looked forward to doing together; we’d put the carols on, the tinsel would come out and the brightly coloured lights and baubles would be strung up for all to see.

Despite having long since moved out of the family home, to this day I can’t look at a string of tinsel or prettily coloured ornament without feeling a little bit nostalgic (corny, I know!). So I thought I’d add some of that sentiment to my gift wrapping this year with these hand lettered bauble gift tags. After all, just because my tree is now 1ft tall and only holds 5 ornaments at a time (the joys of living in a small house!), that doesn’t mean I have to miss out on the decorating fun right?


– letter sized white card
– printable bauble gift tags files
– scissors
– 3mm hole punch

Printable Bauble Gift Tags | Design Mom

Print out the bauble gift tags file onto white cardboard and cut out each of the gift tags with a pair of scissors.

Printable Bauble Gift Tags | Design Mom

Printable Bauble Gift Tags | Design Mom

Punch a hole at the top of each bauble gift tag (where the white dot is).

Once all your baubles have been cut out and hole-punched, simply thread a piece of twine or ribbon through each one and tie them onto your gifts.

Free Colorful Printable Bauble Gift Tags | Design Mom

If you’re feeling a bit creative, try using these to decorate your home as well – I have a feeling they’d look pretty good strung up in a garland or as paper ornaments on your tree!


Thank you so much for sharing these, Stephanie! They are adorable. Happy making to everyone out there!

Credits: Images, styling and text by Stephanie Lee. Assistance by Amy Christie.