Eeek! We are at the airport in Paris right this minute. The whole family can barely contain our excitement. Olive even made a U.S.A. playlist for her iPod with songs like Neil Diamond’s America. Packing a family of 8 for a month-long trip was a challenge. And friends, I rocked it! High-fives all around!!

The best price on tickets happened to be on Iceland Air. So today, we fly from Paris to Reykjavik, and then non-stop from Iceland to Denver. Iceland! Have you ever been? It sounds so adventurous…

It’s going to be a long day. We left the house at 9:00 AM French time, and we arrive in Denver around 6:00 PM mountain time — that will feel like 2:00 AM to our bodies. Our kids are practiced travelers at this point, but you can bet I’m still offering prayers/burnt offerings/my-right-arm that 2-year-old June will be a champ on the flight. Wish us luck!

P.S. — These Journey Journals are adorable! They come with a map, string and fasteners — you can mark the map to reflect your travels.