I’m terribly excited that Rosalynde Welch joins us today as Guest Mom of the week.

Rosalynde might be the smartest stylish-mom you’ve ever met. She’s a PhD from UC San Diego, the oldest of 11 kids, and mother of 3. One of her most amazing and intimidating skills is an ability to be as smart as she is without sounding pretentious. Rosalynde grew up in SoCal, but I’m not sure which part. (Are you like totally a valley girl? Can you give us the low-down on the OC?) She now lives in St. Louis where her equally smart husband is finishing his residency. Smart and stylish — stand back, she’s a double threat.

I hadn’t seen Rosalynde since college and was delighted to find her writing for a readership of thousands as a blogger at Times and Seasons. Thank you for joining us, Rosalynde!