Photo by Rachel Gundersen

I’m so delighted to have Kristy Glass with us this week! I have only briefly met her in real life (and under odd circumstances, where we had to whisper quick hellos), but I’ve been exchanging emails with her since I started blogging and feel like she’s an old friend. Here’s Kristy’s introduction in her own words:


In a recent audition, I was interviewed to see how much I knew about entertainment, celebrities and pop culture. I was asked if I read US Weekly or “the blogs”. Sadly I could not answer in the affirmative. “Then, what is your favorite blog?”


Thanks for having me.

I’m an urban mom of two daughters, thanks to my husband of 11 years, who pushed me to finish college even though I was being lured away by that intoxicating world of the theatre. After graduating in 3 jam-packed years, I pursued my dream of ACTING in Washington DC. There I had a lot of great success, including doing 2 different shows while I was pregnant with my first baby! 5 weeks after her birth, I was back in the theatre one last time in DC before picking up and moving to Queens, NY in 2002.

I am a working mother and I strive to spend as much time with my children as possible. I do not have a nanny. My career has now expanded beyond theatre to singing, recording, modeling, baby wrangling and tv, which basically means, I am a professional job-seeker. I have dragged my babies (now children) to 90% of my auditions and they have even accompanied me on a few jobs.

My interests include blogging, writing, photography, makeup, working out, church service, journaling, networking, reading, online grocery shopping, MACing, and knitting for the lovescarf project. I spend hours a day riding the subway to make sure my children are dropped off and picked up at their respective schools on the upper west side and lower east side (remember, I live in Queens). I attend suzuki violin lessons twice a week with my daughter and practice with her for an hour most days. I have recently discovered the iphone, jogging and Raisenets made with Cranberries (not in combination).

As an actor, one of my favorite holidays is Halloween. I pretty much know who I am going to be for Halloween by January of every year, and enjoy spending the rest of the year finding just the right details to make my costume complete. It’s contagious, my whole family is into it. I hope I can add to your holiday this year, and if not, maybe you can start planning Halloween 2010 in a few months!