A Happy Holidays welcome to Kacy Faulconer! I have to say I was feeling pretty sentimental/intimidated when I invited Kacy to be a Guest Mom because Kacy’s blog was the first blog I read regularly — that I checked daily hoping for a new post. And what an honor for me that she’s here at Design Mom. I remember the day when I saw her blog announced here and I bet I haven’t missed an entry. She makes me laugh out loud.

Kacy is a super-talented, super-funny writer who makes motherhood and living in suburbia seem more interesting than any other possible life choice. A mother of 3 and expecting number 4 in May, Kacy is pondering girls names. When she’s not going to concerts, or replacing her couches, Kacy teaches English at Brigham Young University.

As the week ends and you’re craving more from Kacy, click on over to Everyday I Write the Book and read about some of the things she’s grateful for and some of the things she dislikes. Or learn about her resemblance to Orlando Bloom here.