Well. We’re heading into our last weekend as New Yorkers.

I hesitate to tell you that I’m pretty much in tears every other hour or so these days. The hesitation is because I don’t want to sound like I’m down about Colorado. I’m actually very excited for this change and love looking forward to our new life in Denver. At the same time, I’m still having a hard time saying goodbye. Yesterday, as I left a hair appointment with Donna at the Lemon Tree, I was a crying mess. At least my hair was hot. : )

But our weekend plans look good. Really good. Today, the whole family is part of a photo shoot in Central Park. More on that later. But I will say that Maude is wearing the honeycomb studio jacket pictured above. It’s from Ismodern, and it is such a cool jacket. I hope its coolness is an indicator of how awesome the photos will be.

Then tonight, our dear friends the Wrights (you may remember their house tour here), are throwing us a grown-ups only farewell party. And I love them for it. A little birdie told me Ben Blair may be breaking out the guitar to perform some Neil Diamond. Crossing my fingers…

Saturday, we’ll spend the day at Benton Brook Farm in Massachusetts. And then on Sunday after church, we’ll picnic at Pepsico Gardens.

I hope your weekend is just as lovely. And I hope your weather looks as good as mine does right this minute. If you have any fun plans, please share — I love hearing about happy weekends.