Fulton & CoFulton & Co bridal crowns

By Koseli. Images by of bridal crowns by Fulton & Co.

For those of you who are married, what was that one special thing you wore, carried, or did on your wedding day? And for those of you who are planning weddings, have you bookmarked any particular ideas?

I can be quite a sentimental person so I’m sure there were many special things I did for my wedding day that I honestly don’t even remember any more. But one thing I do remember is this advice from my sister (that I thankfully took). She said: 1) wear lip stain under your lipstick and 2) wear fake eyelashes. These two things kept me looking fresh for pictures hours after we were married, when we were starving and dare I admit it, forcing the smiles. : )

Fulton & Co bridal crownsfulton and co bridal crown

I’d love to hear about your wedding memories. Plus I’m curious: did you (or will you) follow the old-new-borrowed-blue rhyme? (Is it crazy that I don’t even remember if I did? It was a blur!)

P.S. — Few things make me wish I could redo my wedding, but these ceramic bridal crowns are one of them. Each tiny flower is shaped by hand. This is the kind of wedding purchase that is an investment. It certainly would be an heirloom for generations.