By Gabrielle.

These snapshots are swatches of the wallpaper hanging in my family’s home in 1969, Gallup, New Mexico. No children had come to my parents yet — I’m sure they had no idea there would eventually be eight kids running around! But the yellow flowers went into the nursery because they were expecting a baby.

My mom said the blue print was her first introduction to Finnish design house, Marimekko.

I didn’t live in this house. I was born after they moved from New Mexico to Alaska to California, and I never saw this wallpaper. But my mom remained a fan, and worked Marimekko textiles in to our home when possible. And her appreciation for Finnish design was certainly handed down to me.

When I saw these swatches on my mom’s blog, it was a reminder of how much our surroundings come to influence us as adults. The fabrics on our beds. The art on the walls. The scenery near by.

Do you remember any art or wallpaper that hung on the walls of your childhood home? Does it hang there still?