By Gabrielle. Photos by Kristen Loken.

Remember in April when I shared photos of the the vintage Vespa we were shopping for? Well, I just realized I never told you it arrived! But it did! It arrived! And it is oh my goodness every bit as fabulous as I hoped it would be. Our friend Kristen was over for a photoshoot the other day and I had her snap a few pics so I could show you. Isn’t it adorable?!


It’s a two-seater, with a pretty little spare tire and a locker on the side. It’s so cute I practically want to eat it! It makes me want to schedule brunch dates with Ben Blair just for an excuse to drive it together. Because isn’t this exactly what you would want to drive to a brunch date? Hah!


Getting this scooter was a new adventure for us — because we bought it from a shop in Vietnam and had it imported! The shop has so many gorgeous scooters it’s hard to narrow it down to one favorite. When I browse their wares, I have to fight the feeling that we probably “need” a whole fleet of Vespas. : )

Though we’ve owned an antique vehicle before (remember this happy Renault?), we had never imported one before and it was quite the process. First of all, we were nervous — what if we were buying a lemon? Would we have any recourse? But the site has consistently good reviews, so that gave us confidence. Then came making the purchase, which was fairly straightforward. But after the purchase, came the import paperwork and red tape — which included Ben Blair spending two different afternoons at the U.S. Customs office in San Francisco.


The paperwork was a bit of a beast, but eventually, when it was all settled, we picked it up at the Oakland docks. It came packaged in a giant wooden crate!

I have to tell you, it’s been so fun to have it parked in our driveway. It makes me smile every time I see it! Tell me, Friends, have you ever had something imported? Did you find it as challenging/adventurous as we did? Also, if you were buying an antique car or scooter, what would be at the top of your wishlist?

Someday, I’d like to own a convertible vintage VW bug in red — they’re such a happy car! Oh. And maybe an old Landcruiser. We used to drive a red 1983 edition when we lived in New York, and we were so sad when we had to sell it. I look them up from time to time just for fun. They are such good-looking cars! One last one: I love the look of older Saab 900 4-door hatchbacks. They’re just so sleek! I really love how they look.

How about you? Do you have any attraction to older cars?

P.S. — A related fun thing has been shopping for helmets. We have a few, but we need them for everybody — because who doesn’t want to take a turn on this sweet ride? I like this one with a star on the side, or these glitter options, or there is always classic white.