The week is slipping by at ultra-light-speed. Here’s a quick catch-up on what we’ve done since I last reported:

We BBQ’d at Jared & Liz’s house in the Avenues where we loved meeting handsome baby Hank! Liz really knows how to put a menu together. Jared really knows how to work the BBQ. And their house is gorgeous. We miss them in New York but think that Salt Lake City is lucky to have them.

After dinner we went to the park to see the Muppet Movie/Blog Meetup. The movie was as charming as I remembered. But. It was only a tiny bit charming compared to the lovely bloggers that came by our blanket to say Hello. What fun! Thank you for coming ladies!! It was a delight to meet you and I was sad the movie started so soon and cut off our happy conversation.

We took off on a road trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This was our first visit to Steamboat Springs and both Ben and I were tempted to relocate immediately. I almost had myself convinced that I love to snow ski because the little chalets were so appealing.

We met our super-cool Sabey cousins at the hotel and after a quick dip in the pool headed to the Steamboat Springs Rodeo. Can you think of a better Saturday night activity than bucking broncos, barrel racing and bull riding? My hometown is a rodeo town but I hadn’t been to one in over a decade. I loved it so much. It made me crazy homesick.

The whole clan of cousins hiked to a gorgeous waterfall near Steamboat and held a family-version of our typical church meetings there on the mountain. Then we all talked and talked and talked until everybody absolutely had to drive away to get home in time to start the new work week. Sadly, I could have used another week of non-stop conversation with the Sabeys to take the edge off my Sabey cravings. Happily, they make a very compelling argument for moving to Denver. Maybe we’ll end up as neighbors. . .

When we said good bye, we knew there was a 9 hour drive to St. George ahead of us. So we made plans to stop at Green River, Utah for the night. A good halfway spot. At Green River I discovered something about myself: It doesn’t matter how expensive the hotel is, what brand it is, or what amenities it offers. If it’s new, then I like it. Period. We stopped at a Holiday Inn Express that was so new that I swear I could still recognize the scent of construction and we were contented and beyond with our stay.

I even took a camera-phone photo of the toiletries because the packaging was well designed and I wanted to somehow let the hotel know that I appreciated the effort. I’ll try to post it next week.

Monday through Thursday
When we woke up in Green River we at a yummy breakfast at the hotel and headed straight to St. George, Utah. My beloved hometown.

By Monday, we were such weary travelers that we have done nothing since arriving here but swim, eat and sleep — and fill every available second with cousins.

It was fun to see where Josh and Erin live — what a great house! It was also fun to discover that St. George now boasts an In-N-Out Burger. And as always, it’s satisfying to have lots of good discussions with the Urquharts. I think my only official outing has been a trip to the local Target. It’s my favorite — so well stocked! so well staffed!

We drive to Las Vegas tomorrow morning to catch our plane. It has been a wonderful trip. It will be good to be home.

Fantastic vintage sign photo from the St. George flickr pool.