By Gabrielle. A different view of Big Ben via English Heritage.

If you really think about it, the people who best know a city are the ones who walk it day and night. Sometimes all night! It’s this common sense concept with a splash of social consciousness at the heart of Unseen Tours, a company that enlists the help of homeless guides to lead tours through the streets of London. While still historical and professional, the result can’t help but be an incredibly poignant look at a city from a rarely seen perspective.

The best parts? The tours present the homeless in a more positive light to the rest of us, removing our fear while giving them ownership of their lives. Also, the majority of income goes straight to the guides, which has helped a few move into homes of their own. Some still prefer the streets, though. I can’t imagine…

As a designer, I’m always inspired to look at things differently. That same tactic helps me as a mom, too, especially during a sibling squabble! So I love the idea of Unseen Tours, but I wonder if it’s something I’d actually try. I like to think I would. I believe it would add something beautiful to my life. Would you? Why or why not?