By Gabrielle.

Waving hello from Lake Louise in Canada! Today is our 20th wedding anniversary!!

I don’t have a single photo from our wedding day on my phone, but I happen to have a few photos from our college graduation day — which was 4 days before our second wedding anniversary (that’s pretty close, right?).


To mark our graduation day, we drove around the city wearing our robes, with a roll of black and white film, taking photos at some of our favorite spots (this was before digital cameras!). Fun fact: I was very pregnant, as you can see in the third photo, and our first baby, Ralph, was born 12 days after we graduated (another fun fact: he was born on his due date!). Luckily the graduation robes were very roomy and accommodating.


I am feeling really lucky today. We’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing on this trip. We’ve gone through each year of our marriage and talked about some of our favorite parts, and we’ve been making notes about possibilities and goals for the next twenty years.

We love looking ahead! Though we’re kind of freaking out, because in twenty years, little June will be 25 years old, and Ralph (our oldest), will be almost forty!!!!! So hard to imagine.

Here’s a little exercise for anyone who is in the mood (and it will help us out as we make our goals!). How would you fill in these blanks:

The first twenty years of marriage are about ________.
And the second twenty years of marriage are about ________.

Happy Anniversary!!

P.S. — Did you see the photo of the Brimhall Building? It’s a building on the BYU campus. It was important to me, because the design department, and almost all my classes, were based there, and it was meaningful to Ben because George H. Brimhall is one of his ancestors.