Every year we decorate the trunk of our car for Trunk or Treat. Ralph gets really into this and makes elaborate plans involving scary music and mist and puts his siblings to work making paper-plate skeletons and lots of drawings. This year, we tried something different.

In our garage, there was a huge magnetic dartboard we’d made for a school fair booth a couple of years ago. It’s maybe 4 feet by 6 feet. I realized if we covered the blue paint and the logo, it would look Halloween-y. So we did. Then we added black magnet darts.

We had 5 different baskets of candy as prizes, depending on which part of the target the trunk-or-treaters hit.

We won “Most Spooktacular Trunk” which is the greatest possible accomplishment in the world of Ralph. (Note: I think we may have been the only entry, I was too busy managing the dartboard to make it around to the other cars.)

To make your own giant dartboard, glue two pieces of sheet metal from Home Depot to one piece of press board or particle board. Not all sheet metals work — bring a magnet with you to make sure it will attract. I can’t remember what kind of glue we used exactly, but I know it was super-duty and was applied with a caulk gun. The glue had to cure over night and then we painted the metal with little bottles of craft paint. The circles aren’t exact, but they’re good enough. The center was printed on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of label paper, then trimmed and applied. We used a spray can of clear gloss over the whole thing to protect it and make it shine. We purchased the darts here.