By Gabrielle. Image from Santa Barbara Chic.

Watching snippets from the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the Grammys over the last weeks and months has me wishing for a collection of trophies. Not won trophies, just pretty vessel sorts of trophies that I can line up on a mantel or fill with flowers. Trophies engraved with someone else’s accomplishments and dates.

Do you ever get antsy and just want to purchase an entire collection in one fell swoop? Sure, the best part of collecting is the actual find and seek part of it. But I really wouldn’t mind if I woke up tomorrow morning to find ten silvered and brassed trophies sitting on my shelf!

Tell me: What are you gathering up these days? Has it taken you ages to amass your collection, or are you a little impatient like me? Also, do you display your collection, or is it a hidden treasure just for you?

P.S. — Though I sometimes find myself with 6 of one thing or 9 of another, I think my only official collection is my bookshelf of Caldecotts.