Recently, my wonderful Guest Moms have been answering Ask-Design-Mom Questions without knowing it.

For example, I received this question:
Hello Design Mom. Do you have any ideas for some non-ugly recycling containers for the kitchen? My waste management company now picks up food waste along with regular recycling and garbage. I don’t want three garbage cans in my kitchen. Thanks, Catherine

And Guest Mom Nie Nie showcased an excellent solution here. Her solution is perfect for a garage — and I have big plans to implement it this spring. But if you’re looking for something to use in the kitchen, Williams-Sonoma carries two very sleek (and pricey) options here and here.

Then, I received another good question:
Hey Design Mom, I remember last year you had a post about swimsuits with better than average coverage. Did you find out about anymore brands? Please let me know. — Ashlynn

And Guest Mom Sara wrote this perfect response. In the comments, readers mentioned additional sources like Modbe and one especially great suit at Urban Outfitters. Also worth a peek:
Layers Clothing, DownEast Basics, and Hapari Swimsuits (try to ignore the odd Hapari photo shoot).

Then, just last week, I received this lovely question:
Dear Design Mom, I am pregnant with my first child, and am excitedly looking into baby furniture and other fun baby things. I am having a particular dilemma with rocking chairs however. Is it important to have a glider rocker? Because I’m not a fan of how they look. I’m looking for a classic rocking chair and I am also on a budget — Dad would be happier with the least amount spent as possible. Any help is greatly appreciated! — Heather

And voilá! Sara writes another perfect response — without even knowing the question had been sent in. DM Readers gave lots of additional great ideas in the comments and I only have one thing to add. Check out the enormous selection of antique rockers from ebay.

Find one example here. I heart the simple side profile of this one. This primitive one is also amazing. If you don’t like them as is, an additional scuffing, or a quick white-wash is all these rockers need to fit in traditional or eclectic decor.

If antiques/beat-up furniture don’t fit well in your home, you can make pretty much anything feel super-modern and up-to-date with a thick coat of super-high-gloss paint. Find your perfect ebay rocker and then take it to your local auto-body shop and have them soup it up with an almost reflective coat of white, lime green, turquoise or orange. It’ll fit right into any modern decor and be one-of-a-kind at the same time.