Tab bio review by top design blogger and influencer, Design Mom

My friend Jesse started an Instagram-related service called Tap Bio, and I want to tell you about it, because I’ve been using it since January, when it was still in beta, and I’m kind of obsessed. If you’ve ever found yourself telling someone on Instagram to “tap the link in your bio,” you’re going to LOVE Tap Bio. For reals.

Think of it like a mini-website, in story form, that everyone can access without ever leaving Instagram. The best way to tell you about it is to show you, so if you’re on your phone right now, go to my Instagram profile and click the link that says: From there, swipeable cards will appear — within Instagram — that I’ve customized with links and images.

For example, I have one card that shows any of my Instagram posts that relate to my blog posts — all clickable! Another card has links to my Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter pages. Sometimes I’ll create a card that links to an essay on someone else’s website. Other times I might create a card with a link to some awesome new kid socks I found at Uniqlo. Or I might feature an oldie but goodie post from Design Mom.

Tab bio review by top design blogger and influencer, Design Mom

You create the cards right from your phone! It super easy. There are simple templates for the most-used cards, so everything is fast and simple. And the cards work! They drive traffic. Like, there’s a new YouTube card, and Jesse told me users are reporting higher engagement on YouTube as a result. He said to check out Yes Theory’s bio link to see it in action. If you want to see your stats, Tap Bio has analytics tools too.

Tab bio review by top design blogger and influencer, Design Mom

If you’ve ever talked about something on Instagram, and wished you could link to it, this is your fix. I especially love using Tap Bio when I’m having a discussion on an Instagram post, and want to point people to a related article I found. All I need to do is say, “link in profile”, and they can easily find whatever I’m trying to share.

The basic version is free, so you should definitely check it out, and there’s no app to download. Or if you want a ton of cards, there’s a paid version too. To sign up, swipe left on my Tap Bio cards — the last one has a link so you can get your own account. If you want to see more Tap Bio examples, you can see it in action on the Instagram bios of Sheryl Crow, Whole30, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Politico and Virgin Hyperloop One. You can also check out the highlights on the Instagram account.

If Instagram is your favorite social media app, Tap Bio will make it even better — you can share links to cool stuff, or promote your friends’ projects. And if you’re trying to use Instagram to build a business, then Tap Bio is basically an essential tool.

If you give it a try, let me know what you think! I’d also love to hear how you’re feeling about Instagram in general these days. Is it your preferred social platform? Are you a fan of making Instagram stories? Or watching them? Have you ever taken an Instagram break?