trick or treat

Image and text by Gabrielle.

Have you carved your pumpkins, or maybe spray-painted and glittered them? Stocked up on candy galore, or purchased four dozen apples? (Parents will love you, but be prepared for some sad, quizzical little faces!) Will you serve brains for dinner, or just call it spaghetti? Have you been practicing pretending you’re not at home even when the doorbell rings seven hundred times, or are you already waiting for your first trick-or-treater to arrive? Does your costume match your little one’s, or will you be the one going as The Pink Princess’s Mother Who Wears Denim and Uggs?

It’s cute to see all the different personalities come out on fun holidays like Halloween. Tell me all about your plans for the night, if you have any. What have you most been anticipating with glee? What are you already dreading?

As for our family, we have costume parades and class parties, then trick or treating this evening — nothing too unusual. But since we haven’t really celebrated Halloween for the last two years, this feels special as can be! Which reminds me about one unexpected surprise this year. I assumed our kids would want to go all out on costumes. Instead, all but Oscar chose something we already had in the costume box. Hah! Maybe they were just glad to see those familiar favorites once again.

In case you’re curious, Ralph went to school as The Big Bad Wolf (seen here), Maude went as Medusa (originally worn by Oscar), Olive is reprising her role as The Mummy (worn earlier by both herself and Ralph), Oscar is a Ninja (yay for a new costume!), Betty is trying out our Mrs. Frankenstein costume (originally worn by Maude), and June is a Fancy Witch (a costume Betty wore back in the day). How about your kids? New costumes, or recycled ones from past years?

Here’s to a Happy Halloween for all!

P.S. — We’ve heard from neighbors that our street, which is sort of hidden away, doesn’t get trick or treaters. So we’ll be seeking elsewhere for our evening festivities. And speaking of treats, do you have a candy policy at your house? Here’s some good advice, and our own family policy, for handling all that candy!