Here’s something cool. Treehouse Tykes is one of those rad new shopping sites — you know, free to join, exclusive sales each day, discounts up to 70% off — with a twist. Every time you make a purchase, 10% goes to the charity of your choice!

I like the founders’ story. They are both young moms, who have achieved successful careers and are looking for a good way to give back to their communities and schools. That’s the best sort of motivation!

Plus, the sales are really good. There are clothes, toys, gear, books — all kinds of cool items from high-end brands like Petit Bateau and Mod Mom Furniture.

Since Treehouse Tykes just barely launched, I’m helping get the word out about their program. I know how much we’re all thinking about the best ways to give-back to schools and charities during the holidays. So how about this: you leave a comment sharing your favorite charity — any charity at all. Then on Friday, I’ll use to pick five of you — and Treehouse Tykes will give those 5 charities $25 each on your behalf!

Pretty neat! And a pretty easy way to do something nice today. I LOVE when social media and doing good come together. And I love the Treehouse Tykes slogan too: “Live well, shop smart, do good.”