Ready to see some before and after photos of our Master Bedroom remodel? We’ve been living in the finished space for over 5 months now, and I am happy to tell you that every single day I wake up and grin about the new space. Not exaggerating. I love it so much. I don’t know if you remember, but it was such a weird space before. Yes, the room had lots of potential — interesting angles, tons of windows + skylights, great views of our little forest, a big balcony and wonderful light — but the layout just didn’t make sense at all.

The main problems: 1) There was no wall space for a queen size bed, so we couldn’t wake up facing the windows. 2) The ceiling was open to the hallway, and there was an odd upper wall opening to the bathroom too — so basically, there was no real privacy. 3) To get to the master bathroom, you had to walk through the hallway (there was no direct access from the bedroom). 4) The closet space was small and hard to access. 5) The bathroom was split into 3 different rooms — the toilet in one room, the sink in another, and the shower in a third room. Probably that made sense to someone, but it didn’t work for us. 6) The wall heater unit wasn’t adequate, plus it made the space less usable and was an eyesore. And 7) the whole space needed a surface overhaul. The texture on the walls was thick and heavy — and was nowhere else in the house, so totally inconsistent. The flooring was old and sad. It was definitely time for an upgrade.

As I mentioned, I’m to the moon happy about the new remodel. It was the longest remodel project we’ve ever done, and the most expensive by far, but I don’t regret it for a minute. My favorite parts:

1) Privacy! We got rid of the random upper wall opening to bathroom, and we enclosed the hallway ceiling. Plus, we added a direct access door from the bedroom to bathroom. If you’re curious, take a look at the floorplan before and after.

2) We extended a wall, making space for a bed. And now, I wake up facing the gorgeous views every single day. We’re surrounded by trees and it’s so dang beautiful. This morning it was foggy and romantic.

3) Radiant under floor heating! So amazing. It goes through the whole bedroom, bathroom and hallway. It feels so luxurious. Plus, it freed up an unusable wall where we were able to add a bench and mirror. 

4) We got rid of the awful texture on the walls and ceilings. Gosh I hated it so much. Fresh paint, fresh flooring, fresh surfaces everywhere.

5) What was my closet originally (next to the round window) became the linen closet. We installed double doors that are extra tall so we can access the full space. It’s amazing to have room for all the quilts, sheets and pillows. The bottom shelf is where we store our roller luggage too.

6) The yellow chair. It’s has the best curves and profile. And it gives me a reason to be near that irresistible round window.

7) New doorhandles. Such a simple, inexpensive change, but they make a huge improvement. I want to add these throughout the house.

There are also things I LOVE about the new walk-in closet and bathroom. But I’ll report on those, and showcase photos, in another post. Because I have too many photos in this post already. : )

Throughout the whole remodeled space, I tried to be really aware of the interesting angles and geometry of the rooms, and tried to carry the patterns and shapes throughout. I used circular mirrors in both bathrooms to mimic the circle window. I used grid patterned bedding and a grid patterned hamper to mimic the grid of the tile work in the bathroom.

I’ve been drawn to industrial looking design for over 20 years now and brought some of that into the space as well. The light fixtures are black metal wirework. The metals are all silver or black matte.  

The palette remains basically the same throughout the bedroom and bathrooms — whites and greys, with hits of blue and yellow and green. I wanted it to feel modern and clean and fresh, with industrial and mid-century touches that are true to the age of the house.

I had a whole bunch of credit with Wayfair and did most of my shopping there. They really do have amazing prices, and delivery is super fast. Pro-tip: if you’re using Wayfair, shop fast, because their inventory goes often quickly! Here’s a quick guide to what you see in the space:

French seam bed. There are tons of versions of this in patterns and solids. Just do a search for “french seam platform bed” to see the options. I love the look so much. The seams and the color really do feel French to me. There’s something casual about it, but luxurious at the same time.

Nightstands — Yellow metal nightstand. Mid-century nightstand. I didn’t originally set out to do non-matching night stands, but I fell in love with both of these and couldn’t resist either one. Both are quite affordable. Both are sturdy and high quality.

Green chair. Such a great chair! It’s velvet, and has a big, comfy footprint. It’s wide enough to cozy up and read picture books with June.

Wool striped rug. Though I wanted the floors to be mostly bare (love that radiant heat!), I like to have at least a little big of rug to add texture and coziness. This one is available in lots of sizes, and I went with a simple runner to keep at the end of the bed.

Yellow chair. Another velvet option. I originally chose it for the closet, but decided it was too big in there, and found the perfect spot for it under the round window.

As I mentioned, the lighting in the master bedroom is all matte black metal (in the closet too, but I’ll show you that later). There’s the overhead drum pendant, the swing-arm bedside lights, and over the linen closet doors, there’s a cage wall light.

For bedding, I chose these 100% linen sheets in the same grey as the bed, paired with grid sheets from Brooklinen.

I found the bench at Homegoods. But I actually returned it because I wanted something longer. And I bought one from Ikea instead. 

Remember the outlets and wall switches I used in the living room? Well, I chose the same ones for the master bed and bath remodel too. They’re from the Adorne Collection by Legrand.

Still with me? Here are some before photos of the bedroom:

Back in January, I did a Facebook Live broadcast giving a tour of the finished space. So if you’d prefer a video tour, you got it! It’s in two parts. Part 1 & Part 2.

Okay. That’s the tour! Now off to work on the post about the bathrooms and closet. Do you have a favorite item in the room? I’d love to hear. And have you ever tried radiant heat?

P.S. — More posts about our home, which we lovingly call The Treehouse.

P.P.S. — Some other changes. Since the photo shoot, I’ve hung artwork above the bed, changed up the plants, and a few other details. It’s funny for me to see these photos and realize how often I make little changes in a space.


Credits: Photos by Kristen Loken for Design Mom. Additional shots by Gabrielle Blair. Disclosure: This post is not sponsored, but I do have a working relationship with Wayfair, and I did receive store credit from Wayfair at the beginning of this project, and used it to purchase certain items throughout.