Hello, Friends! I’m back from Berlin and thinking about travel. The crowd at The Hive was such an international mix, and everyone came from such interesting places, it made me want to keep my bags permanently packed and visit every last corner of the globe. Possibly it’s the season — am I the only one that gets a major case of wanderlust as the weather warms?

In case you’ve caught the bug too, here are two online travel magazines that recently caught my eye:

First up, Travel Jam. It’s described as somewhere between a magazine of childish fashion, a journey diary and a women’s luxury mag. Mostly, I noticed it because the photography is so good!

I also love Wayfare Magazine. It’s full of great tips, smart reviews, and inspiring images. Fun fact: I got to hang out with Anne, the art director for the pilot edition of Wayfare, while I was in Berlin.

P.S. — A couple of weekends ago, when I got off the plane from Miami to Paris, my feet were swollen to about twice the normal size. Yikes! Has that ever happened to you? Luckily, the flight from Berlin to Paris is very short, so no swollen feet today. : )