By Gabrielle.

Today is a travel day, and so was yesterday. Sometimes it feels like a lot of navigating goes in to getting from point A to point B. You know what I mean? So many little connections to make before I can see my family. (Man oh man I miss my family!) Here’s what my travel has looked like:

– I left the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City at 9:30AM yesterday and took the shuttle to the airport.

– I boarded a plane at 11:00AM and stopped at JFK  for a short layover in the evening.

– At 7:00PM New York time, I boarded a plane to Paris.

– This morning around 8:30AM Paris time, I landed.

– I made my way through customs, located my luggage and climbed in a taxi to the Montparnasse Train Station at 9:40AM.

– I arrived at the station at 11:00AM, just missing the 10:55 train, which means a 3-hour wait before the next train heads to my little town of Argentan around 2:00PM.

– And now, it’s 12:30PM in France, and I’m writing this while sitting at the Montparnasse train station, my luggage piled around me.

This isn’t much of a post. It’s mostly me just keeping myself awake so I don’t miss the next train. And thinking about the challenges of travel, and how to me, it’s worth it anyway, even if it involves jetlag and delays.

P.S. — I snapped the photo with my phone as we were landing in Paris. Minutes later, the sun started rising.