Well hello there! I arrived home from Alt Summit this afternoon — just in time to see the kids get out of school. Holy moly I missed my family! I am going to settle in and unpack today, and I’ll be back to full posting tomorrow (hopefully with a fun recap of the conference). But I won’t leave you empty-handed. Coming home to the ever-lovely La Cressonnière brought this to mind:

I get extra invigorated when I see unconventional spaces turned into homes, like this Costa Mesa barn with open space galore by Corey Gash or that airy chapel by Nick Kenny. Rethinking such non-traditional structures and making them livable, incredibly artistic spaces is so far beyond genius. I’d LOVE to try my hand at this someday.

Would you have issues living in homes that once housed livestock or praying parishioners or even firefighters? Or would you pack your bags and move in tomorrow? I’d love to hear your thoughts!