Traders Joes is wonderful. I can pack my cart to the brim and not even spend $70. Plus, though they’re not really a health food store, they make it easy to find products without partially hydrogenated anything or msg or whatever the health buzz word of the day is.

This summer, I’m especially loving their bottled sodas — the sparkling sanguine (or blood orange) in particular.

It’s hard for me to think of Trader Joes and not think of Rebecca Rather. Rebecca might be TJs biggest fan and she turned me on to lots of their best products. In fact, if I understand correctly, she packed up and put on the moving truck several grocery carts worth of TJs products. (Sadly, Wichita isn’t home to a TJs.)

The Rathers are sorely missed.

EDIT 08/28: I just noticed that my friend Lindsay had posted about Trader Joes as well. What’s with Trader Joes on the brain? Her list is excellent. Thanks, Lindsay.