I’m so please with the latest addition to my kitchen. I saw these wash rags at Erin’s house and couldn’t help but notice the great colors. Erin told me she’d seen them at Jill’s house — and Jill is the sort of person that makes really good decisions about things she brings into the house. So I got the whole scoop and then picked some up for myself.

Why they’re great: they’re strong, they do the job and they don’t get smelly.

If you live anywhere with even the tiniest bit of humidity then you are already fully aware of stinky wash rag episodes — the ones where you wipe down the table then wonder to yourself where that horrible smell is coming from and then realize it’s coming from your hands (eewww!) and that they stink because they were touching the stinky wash rag.

And if you live in a place with lots of humidity (like I do) then you’ve probably given up on wash rags altogether and decided that paper towels are the only solution even though they are the polar opposite of eco-chic.

Which is why these wash rags are so great. They absorb like crazy and then dry out super fast. Machine washable if you care to, but if you rinse them out each night, they’re typically good to go the next day. No more stinky rags. No more wasted paper towels. And they come in lots of pretty colors besides. Best part: they sell in two packs for something like $1.75. Bargain.