eating a crepe

Day number two in Paris and we are having a terrific time being tourists and eating banana nutella crepes (see Betty in action above).

This morning I took 4 of the kids to hunt for the Mona Lisa, we surprised Ben Blair with a watch for his birthday (the kids picked out a great-looking Swatch), then we lunched at Musee D’Orsay and admired Degas’ little ballerina for awhile.

We love your brilliant advice and can’t thank you enough for the great ideas. Seriously. Thank you!

I haven’t uploaded all of our photos yet, but here are a few from today, and from last night’s sunset boat ride on the Seine. This one was taken inside the Louvre pyramid looking out toward one of the palace towers:

pont neuf paris

This is the kids studying the Venus de Milo:

It’s fun to visit the Mona Lisa and think of the millions of others who have made the same funny little pilgrimage, but my favorite thing to see in the Louvre is this: