So school starts and I suddenly find myself alone with 2 babies and I’m having such a time trying to remember how to do this.

For example, I’m attempting to clean the kitchen this morning and Oscar (1 1/2) will have none of it — full tantrum on the dirty kitchen floor. I realize he’s my 4th kid and I should be a pro, but I’m having to rack my brain for ideas on how to entertain a toddler. Last week, I would have had Ralph, or Maude, or Olive just take him out to the swing, but my helpers are now unavailable until 3:15. Then I remembered: pouring things. I set him up in front of the sink with a small stream of running water and two cups. Voilá. Happy boy. Clean (albeit wet) kitchen.

Is it just me, or do you immediately forget how to parent a one year old as soon as your child turns two? I have to relearn this stuff every time.