Now that Spring is in season, butterflies are out in full fluttery fashion. To celebrate their beauty, we’re making some fun tissue paper butterflies.

Supplies for Butterflies: tissue paper, pipe cleaner, and scissors.
That’s it for this easy craft.

Collect any tissue paper you have in your house. Mine is all bundled up in my gift wrap area. I let the kids pick 2 colors of tissue paper to make each butterfly. Depending on the size of butterfly you want to make, you can cut your tissue paper in half or in fourths.

Next, pinch your tissue paper together in the middle. Using your pipe cleaner, start in the center and wrap it around the tissue paper once or twice where you pinched. You should have 2 sticking out ends of pipe cleaner. You can keep them straight or curl them with your finger for it’s antenna.

Your done! Now you can attach some string to the center of the butterfly and hang them from your ceiling or on the wall. Ours are going in the playroom for display so we can watch the butterfly’s fly up high.

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