Twinkle Lights for soft indoor lighting all winter. Helps fight SAD, too

By Koseli.

Today’s Tiny Treasure is twinkle lights. They’re inexpensive and commonplace, but my-oh-my they make a home feel warm and welcoming. Once a chill hits the air, my family strings up one or two strands of tiny white lights on each mantel and turns them on at dusk. (Which is before five o’clock these days!) It instantly brightens my mood and makes our apartment feel festive and cozy. I’ve been known to keep them up through February!

Any one else affected by grey days and early sunsets? Do you have dark-too-early wintertime solutions? Have you ever tried a blue light?

P.S. — I keep coming back to Gabrielle’s DIY glass bottles of light as a lovely way to bring some twinkle indoors during the winter.