Ann-ya Pouch

By Koseli. Image and pouch by ANN-YA.

Anybody else get a little giddy about impeccably folded winter sweaters, coordinating shoe boxes, or super-organized purses with the perfect spot for each and every thing? Me too.

My latest organization obsession in the organization arena are beautiful pouches for carrying miscellaneous items in my purse, tote, or desk drawers. I use one pouch for snacks, a baby spoon, and a folded bib; another for my out-and-about comfort: chapstick, hand sanitizer, and tissue. And I think I need one more to round out my obsession: cash, a few quarters, and my MetroCard. In a pinch, I could just grab it and go.

Collecting like-items in my bag limits the craziness of trying to pull out the one thing I’m looking for among the dozens of floating (and often sticky) objects in my bags.

There are so many beautiful options across the internet but click through for a few of my favorites.

Roxy marj fabric envelope

Roxy Marj polka dot soft envelope.

Julia Marco pouch


Geometric zippered pouches. (I don’t think I’ll ever tire of geometric textiles and design.)

La Pochette in Gold Leather

And for the gals who like flare, a gold leather pouch. There’s also the basic Baggu pouches, too.

Do you have any bag/purse/luggage organization tips and tricks? Do you love pouches, too?

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