happy socks

By Koseli. Image by ModCloth.

There are few things better than lounging in an oversized sweater, a topknot, and the perfect socks. It’s my nightly uniform. So here’s a little secret: I have ‘happy socks’! Have you heard of them? I’ve dubbed my favorite pair of Uniqlo socks my go-to happy socks and when I put them on, I can’t help but feel cozy and content.

Quirky knee-highs or polka dot trouser socks are obvious candidates but what’s most important is comfort and whether a quick jig in your socks will cheer you up.

What about you. Do you have happy socks? And just because I’m curious: Do you sleep with your socks on or off?

P.S. — Paint your toes red, lather on some thick cream, and sleep with your socks on for super soft, lovely feet in the morning. Socks aren’t just for cold feet!