applying lipstick

By Koseli. Image here.

For the past several years(!), I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect lipstick. Not a gloss, a stain, a fruity chapstick, an all-in-one blush cheek and lip balm. (Though I love and have all of those.) I wanted the original. A simple tube of lipstick that glides-on smooth, smelled beautiful, and was finally, finally the perfect shade for my complexion. But if you’ve been on the official Lipstick Hunt too, you know how hard it is to find something that fits all of your criteria.

A couple of weeks ago on a solo adventure in Manhattan, I found myself seated at a Sephora counter at the Columbus Circle mall, anxiously eyeing the shopgirl as she picked out various pink and berry lipstick shades from around the store. I’d already tried ten or fifteen myself with no happy results (too orange! too runny! this tastes like watermelon sour candy!). But on only her second try, this make-up saint planted the smoothest, prettiest lipstick on my lips and I knew I had finally found the perfect shade.

I don’t consider myself a super girly-girl but I do love make-up. But I had never ventured into “real lipstick” territory until now. It almost felt too mature for me. Has anyone else felt that way? Also, do you wear lipstick ? If so, what is your absolute favorite color and brand? I’m also curious if you wear it everyday!

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