Lovely eye mask

By Koseli. Lovely sleeping eye mask made by the Etsy shop Ruby and Joy.

It’s a simple thing.

But it wasn’t until I was two weeks past the point of total exhaustion two years ago that I got serious about sleep. (Hint: Stork dropped by.) I was willing to do anything — anything — to feel a little more like myself and a lot less like an evil queen as moody as a tween and fragile as delicate glass. My ever practical and experienced mother pulled out the complimentary Jetblue sleeping mask she’d received on her recent flight, snagged my sleepy baby from my arms, and pushed me into my bedroom to sleep. Until I woke up. For as long as I needed to.

Again, it’s a simple thing but I hadn’t realized how sensitive I was to the light that fills our bedroom throughout the day. Pulling that mask over my eyes felt like a literal “off” switch on my never ceasing anxieties and racing thoughts. It felt like magic.

Do you sleep with an eye mask, too? It always seemed too high maintenance or fancy to me, but I really don’t know what I was thinking. I think every person should have one. Throw in some chamomile tea, a bubble bath, and then some lovely ear plugs right before you climb under the covers and you’re sure to sleep extra deep.

 P.S. — I’m on the hunt for a mask that’s slightly less, ahem, practical than my Jetblue one. Any favorite online shops that sell them? : ) Also, you can find all the Tiny Treasure posts here.