Let’s pretend you’re a NY fashion designer. You’ve been the Head Designer at Betsey Johnson, Heatherette, and currently act as a freelance designer for Anna Sui. You are, as they say, major. And then you have a daughter. What do you do then?

If you’re Pamela Thompson, you open up a resale clothing and accessory shop for Barbie dolls, and appoint your baby as CEO!

There’s so much to love about the Tiny Frock Shop. From this flutter-sleeve Angora sweater to a stylin’ surfing suit just in time for beach season, it’s all affordable (Vogue worthy fashion and accessories for 12” dolls for milk money prices!) and accompanied by such cute and real descriptions (“It’s hard to imagine your life before you owned this sweater…” Ha!).

The models are the best dolls in the business — read their awesome bios here — and the behind-the-scenes of the photo shoots are crazy-wonderful! All photographed by Ken, of course.

Whatever your opinions on or experiences with Barbie, doesn’t the Tiny Frock Shop make you smile and maybe even — gasp! — want your own Barbie? Me, too!

P.S. — Growing up, my mom wouldn’t let us play with Barbies! I was also hesitant with my own girls, but then I found super charming handmade clothes on Etsy and didn’t mind as much anymore. How do you feel about Barbie dolls?