By Gabrielle. Image of Linda Evangelista by Stephen Meisel, 1991.

I’ve been hearing more and more chatter about corsets these days, from Jessica Alba wearing them post-babies to regain her figure, to women wanting to try them out because of some steamy books they may have read! Sarah Chrisman, the author of  “Victorian Secrets: What a Corset Taught Me About the Past, the Present, and Myself”, claims that wearing one improved her posture, caused her to eat less, and decreased her waist size by ten inches. (That’s a lot of inches!)

I suppose it makes sense. I know I hold my body differently depending on whether I’m wearing fitted garments or loose and comfortable clothes. Same goes for high heels and sneakers, right? If I really think about it, what I’m wearing often influences what I’m eating and how I’m spending my time, too. There’s no laying on the couch eating a bag of chips in a form-fitting dress and hose!

I’m curious if you’ve ever worn a corset, either for style reasons or its body-morphing effects. (I’ve never come near a corset — I wouldn’t even know where to buy one, but I have tried Spanx! Does that count?) And maybe more relatable to most of us, do you make an effort to dress more formally on a regular basis, or has that ship sailed? For me, it feels strange and sometimes awkward to walk around dressed to the nines when I’ve spent most of the weekend dressed to the threes or fours, at best!

Lastly, I feel I should note: though I’m curious about corsets today, I’m also fully intending to eat leftover Thanksgiving pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This conversation is not intended to trigger any post-feast guilt. : )

P.S. – We’ve talked about constricting clothing before. Dita von Teese is also quoted in this article: “People ask if it’s comfortable, and I try to explain that it’s like wearing a very high heel. There is discipline involved.”