Hello, Friends! How are you? Could I perhaps get your help on a little project?

Tomorrow, I’m giving a short intro presentation and I thought it would be fun to use Twitter. Have you seen anything inspiring or lovely lately? A person, a link, an image, an idea? Anything worth praise? If yes, please tweet it out with the hashtag #thisislovely.

During the intro, I’ll pull up a Twitter search of #thisislovely and share your finds! Plus, I’ll have the pleasure of discovering lots of inspiring things that you love. Win win!

If you have a second today, I hope you’ll join in. I would truly, truly appreciate it!

P.S. — I’ll start. At least a dozen wonderful readers sent me this fantastic series. Artist, Ursis Werhli, sorts and organizes everything! Off to tweet it out with the #thisislovely hashtag.