Growing up, I was taught the ways of broadening my horizions through self-development. Names like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, were all too familiar to me; way before I went to high school. Eventually, I realized what a great impact this made on my life. I learned it is important to be optimistic, use positive self-talk, and make uplifting and fulfilling goals etc. I did the following exercise recently, and it is still on my mind.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to do it all? Still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up? Have you been told frequently, “Make up your mind”. If so, this is for you:

Answer this following question:

If you had 5 different lives, what would you do, or be, for each one? Think about this, then write them down. (This is a fun activity to do with a group of people)

For example a friend of mine said:
1 zookeeper

2 world-traveler

3 ballerina

4 pastry chef

5 a novelist

After writing your answers down, read this: “Everything you write down in your imaginary “lives” should be actively present in your life at all times, you put it on that list for a reason. A talent or interest is a living part of you — like a hand or an ear or an eye. It needs to be used, needs to be fed, or it will atrophy — and you’ll be less than you’re mean to be.”

So how do you incorporate them all in your life? Whatever interests not included in your main pursuit/goal at the moment, enjoy them as side dishes to dabble in, now and again, for your enjoyment. This way, your life will feel more balanced and fulfilling. Who says you can’t do it all?

(excerpts and concept from the book Wishcraft by Barbara Sher)