Feeling thoughtful today because tomorrow, January 6th, marks 10 years since my Father died. He was young. Only 52. He was also. . . quirky. And very fond of yellow.

In fact he loved yellow so much, that my sister Sara thought of a little bedtime story to tell her kids about him. She says something like: There was once a man who liked yellow. He would put on his yellow pants. Then he would put on his yellow shirt. Then he would put on his yellow socks. Then he would put on his yellow shoes. Then he would put on his yellow watch. Then he would put on his yellow jacket. And that man, was your Grandfather.

At our sisters weekend last August, Sara asked me and brother-in-law/artist Paul, to make her little story into a book for the grandkids. We liked the idea and have been working on the text ever since.

So on Tuesday, January 9th, to commemorate another anniversary — 6 Months of Design Mom — I’m launching The Yellow Man Book Project. (I mentioned it briefly here.) Paul and I will be posting sketches, text and finished pages every week until the book is done. Readers will be able to chime in with comments or suggestions and see the project created from beginning to end.

Another part of the book project is kind of an experiment/challenge. I want to see if I can generate enough interest in The Yellow Man that we have a publisher in place by the time it’s finished. In fact, as you get aquainted with The Yellow Man over the next few weeks, if you like it and know anyone in the publishing business, I hope you’ll send them a link. And of course, if the story just stinks, I hope you’ll act as kindly editors and offer suggestions for improvement.

Hooray for The Yellow Man! I miss you, Dad.

Mark Rothko “Yellow and Gold” print available here.