Wylie Dufresne is the undisputed king of avant-garde molecular gastronomy. WD-50, his nine year old restaurant in New York, only accepts reservations 30 days in advance, his menu is a work of art straight from The Jetson’s, and people travel from far and wide just to taste his Eggs Benedict.

But here’s where he starts to inspire me like crazy, and not just about what to do with my groceries! He’s switching up his entire menu. Good-bye Eggs Benedict and every other famous meal his fans adore. That’s so bold! Also, incredibly risky! I really enjoy stories where the main characters take a giant leap into the unknown, don’t you?

There’s been a mix of outraged and excited reviews. Consistency is one of the key factors in a restaurant’s success. Customers get mad enough when their usual tastes a little…unusual, right? But what about a completely new menu? What would your reaction be if your favorite restaurant made such a drastic move? I’m wondering what you think.

P.S. — The photos, taken by Todd Heisler for The New York Times, show one of Mr. Dufresne’s new dishes called TV Dinner, made of duck egg yolk bathed in amaro, and chicken confit. The peas are tiny balls of carrot that have been rolled in green-pea powder. Have you ever tasted a dish as adventurous as this?