By Gabrielle. Drawings by Tierney Conner Design Studio.

I’m super excited to be sharing this post with you today, because it means progress is being made! Last fall, we met an architect, Erin Conner, who is a parent at our elementary school. We loved her work and right away asked her, and her business partner/fellow architect, Anne Tierney, to work with us on our Master Bedroom.

They did the initial drawings (pictured here) right away, because they knew we were hoping to get the remodel done before Christmas. They came over with their awesome laser measuring tool and made a note of every little angle — and they helped me problem solve a couple of instances where I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do. But alas, I couldn’t make the pre-Christmas timing happen on my end. As I mentioned, it’s been tricky finding a contractor! So I’ve been sitting on these drawings, waiting to share them with you until we had a contractor in place and could actually move forward.

But the good news is: We’ve got a contractor! Which means I can finally start talking to you about this awesome Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel. And first up, I’m sharing the fabulous drawings.

Above, you can see the floorplan as it exists now, and below is the floorplan as it will be after we’re done (click on the floorplans if you want to see them bigger):


Here is a list of the major changes:

1) The toilet is currently in it’s own room with no sink, accessible from the stairway landing. I’m not sure what to call that. A 1/4 bath? We’re adding a sink, so that it can be an independent half-bath.

2) As it stands now, to access the Master Bathroom, you enter through the stairway landing. We are going to close that landing entrance, and add an entrance from the Master Bedroom instead.

3) In the Master Bedroom, there isn’t a good wall for a queen size bed, so we’re extending one of the current walls. I’m super excited about this! It means that when we wake up, we’ll be facing the giant windows and greet each day with a full view of the trees.

4) Right now, the shower is in one room, and the sink is in another room (and the toilet, as I already mentioned, is in a third room). We are going to reconfigure this in a very different way. The Master Bedroom will have a door that leads to a walk-in closet (which is great, because closet space is very minimal in this house!), and the room that currently has the sink, will now have the sink, the shower, and a toilet. Which means we’ll now have a full bathroom, only accessible from the Master Bedroom. This will be a major improvement! And it means The Treehouse will be have 2 1/2 bathrooms instead of 2 bathrooms.

5) Lastly, we’ll be adding more privacy to the Master Bedroom. You can’t tell from the drawings, but currently, the doorway wall leading into the Master Bedroom doesn’t extend all the way to the ceiling. We’re going to fully separate the space. I know that’s hard to picture — I think I should do a Periscope and give everyone a video tour!

Oh my. These drawings make me unreasonable happy. I’m not totally sure what it is, but I’m guessing it has to do with the fact that I’ve had these changes in my head for ages and ages, and I start and end each day in the Master Bedroom. So I end up thinking about this remodel way too much. And mostly, I can’t wait to see this space transform! When I see the drawings, it starts to feel real!! I love looking at them. In fact, every time I see the Erin the architect, at school pickup or dropoff, I have to hold myself back from hugging her. Hah! I really love working with both Erin and Anne — they have been super easy to communicate with I appreciate that they both understand the realities of family life and can offer insight accordingly.

I’m calling this phase 1, and the next phase will be going back to Tierney Conner to get started on the engineering drawings so we can get a permit from the City of Oakland. While they are working on the engineering drawings, I’ll be picking out tile and faucets and flooring and paint. I’m pretty excited for Phase 2! But I admit, I’m feeling intimidated about picking out the bathroom fixtures — I haven’t worked on a bathroom remodel for 15 years or so!

Okay. I’d love to hear all your remodeling advice. If you’ve been in this phase and have any tips, I’m all ears! Also, do you have a bathroom feature that isn’t common but that you love? If you were taking on something like this, would you want to do the interior design yourself, or would you hire it out or use an in-store design service? Anything else I should be considering at this stage?

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