Today, let’s talk toilets. We needed two for this remodel — one for the powder room and one for the new toilet location in the master bathroom (if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, feel free to check out the before and after plan drawings).

As I toilet shopped, the ones that appealed to me most were wall mount. I like them because they take up less visual space (how? the tank is in the wall!), and they seem like they will be easier to clean (both the toilets themselves and the area around them) because they’re not on the floor.

There are all different sorts for different styles of decor, but I had a modern look in mind and was intent on finding the simplest one I could. Again, thinking of cleaning, I’m hoping the simpler the toilet, the less places for grime to settle in.

Starck Duravit Toilets

So which one did I pick? It’s the Starck 3 by Duravit. It had great reviews and I really love the simple lines. There are several toilets in the Starck line, including a floor mount model, but I like the Starck 3 the best (by far!). Wayfair was my favorite source for toilet shopping. They have a feature where you can create different Idea Boards while you shop. So I would save all the bathroom items that I was considering to one board, where I could see how they all worked together and make comparisons on similar items. (Plus they had the best prices on the Starck toilets!)

The one in the powder room has been installed and looks terrific! The one in the master bedroom will be installed tomorrow or early next week. Very exciting!

Though they look great in person and I’m still in love with my product choice at this point, I’m also a little nervous. I’ve never lived with an in-wall tank system before and I’m curious to know if I’ll like it for the long haul. With a traditional tank, if something goes wrong, and the flush doesn’t work, it’s easy to remove the lid and figure out what’s going on. But with these new toilets, if there’s a malfunction, I wouldn’t even know where to start. I feel like I would have to call a plumber immediately.

Wall mount toilets are used all over Europe, so we’ve encountered them a bunch, but I don’t see them often here in the States. Do you have strong opinions about toilets? Have you ever lived with a wall mount version? If you have, and you have any maintenance tips for me (besides choosing another toilet — too late for that!), let me know.

P.S. — If you’re ordering a Starck toilet, learn from my mistake. Each toilet requires a specific toilet seat. I know this from experience because I ordered the wrong ones. Hah!


Disclosure: This post is not sponsored, but I do have a working relationship with Wayfair, and I did receive store credit from Wayfair at the beginning of this project, and used it to purchase certain items throughout.